About Us

During the pandemic, people need to work at home for a long time. As everyone’s height is different and the standard height of the traditional desk is 75cm, so many people often will work with bad posture . Over the time, working with bad posture will cause health problem(neck pain , back pain etc). We are bringing adjustable desk and ergonomic chair that everyone can afford to solve the problem, as current market many adjustable desk and ergonomic chair are very expensive.

In Malaysia market, most of the ergonomic products sold at least few thousand Ringgits, but this price not everyone or family can easily afford. Although the business needs to make money, we do not intend to take the route of huge profits, because we hope that our products can be easily afforded by everyone. We will not sacrifice quality in order to lower product prices. Product quality is always our core priority. We not only import parts and components from China, but also cooperate with Malaysian timber manufacturers. We always upgrade and enhance existing products to maximize product experience. For upcoming projects, we will launch customized tabletops of different materials, such as rubber wood, plywood and melamine faced chipboard, so that our customers have more choices.